What Is E-Commerce?

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E-commerce or electronic commerce is a process in which with the help of internet you can transact money with anyone , share data and buy any product/service online.

Talking in easy language, online shopping is called e-commerce. Whatever you buy online, everything will be considered in the category of ecommerce. You can buy both physical and digital products online or you can also take online services from any company and freelancer.

  • Physical products – which you can touch and feel. Eg: clothes, shoes, smartphone etc.
  • Digital products – which can only be seen or read online. Such as: ebook, online course , vihttps://superiorblogs.com/earn-money-youtube-2022/deos etc.
  • Services– teaching, consultant, freelancing , chat rooms आदि।

Through e-commerce, we can order anything from any corner of the world sitting at home. We also call it online shopping .


There are many advantages of e-commerce, the main advantage of which is that you do not have to go anywhere to get the goods.

Apart from that the advantages of ecommerce are-

Easy return

Almost all e-commerce services have an easy return policy, if your product is defective or incorrect, you can return it within 10 to 15 days.

Global reach

Through this, you can order goods from any shop in the world which is connected to the internet. This is the best point of fay de of e commerce .

Relevant products

You can get the most relevant products by sorting products and applying filters. Also the online store will show you the things of your choice by looking at your old purchases.

Flexible price

When you see expensive rates somewhere, you can look for goods elsewhere.

You don’t have to argue with the shopkeeper again and again. No one tells you the rate from his mind and you also get bill for everything.

E- commerce types

E-commerce business models in hindi

  • Business to Business (B2B)
  • Business to Consumer (B2C)
  • Consumer to Consumer (C2C)
  • Consumer to Business (C2B)
  • Government to Business (G2B)
  • Business to Government (B2G)

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